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Balloon Sinuplasty

Capital Otolaryngology

As leaders in their field, the sinus surgeons at Capital Otolaryngology helped design the technology for balloon sinuplasty and were some of the first in the world to implement the cutting-edge procedure. Balloon sinuplasty has helped many of our patients unable to find relief from chronic sinusitis to finally break free from painful sinus symptoms and experience long-lasting results. In fact, 95 percent of patients who have the procedure say they would have it again.

An effective, minimally invasive treatment for sinus problems, balloon sinuplasty is performed in our high-tech equipped Central Texas offices as an outpatient procedure. You can return to work or school soon afterward, as there is minimal downtime associated with the procedure.

During the procedure, a tiny balloon catheter is inserted into your nose and the balloon is inflated to clear mucus blockages as well as restructure passageways to allow for better drainage. There are no incisions or removal of any tissue with this technique, unlike with traditional sinus surgery.

Our skilled ENT surgeons often combine balloon sinuplasty with other minimally invasive techniques such as a turbinate reduction to reduce nasal allergies and mouth breathing.

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Tired of chronic sinus issues that haven’t responded to medications or other treatments? Request an appointment online or call Capital Otolaryngology today at (512) 339-4040 in Austin or (512) 682-4798 in Lakeway.

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