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The hearing care professionals at Capital Otolaryngology understand the feelings of isolation and frustration that can occur due to communication problems arising from hearing loss. Research indicates that the use of hearing instruments can improve your quality of life and general health. That is why our audiologists take the time to find out your specific lifestyle needs and find a customized solution for you.

With the addition of high-tech computer processors and open-style fittings, today’s hearing instruments achieve very high satisfaction rates among patients. In addition to these instruments fitting comfortably, they now are able to help most people follow conversation in the presence of background noise. 

There are also many wireless options available via Bluetooth technology. These hearing aids provide a comfortable fit and excellent sound quality, allowing you to enjoy the various sound environments you encounter each day.

Capital Otolaryngology offers the latest, most advanced hearing aids available from leading manufacturers, as well as a risk-free trial prior to purchasing. You and our audiologists will work together to determine which hearing aid best meets your needs.

Learn more about the hearing aid styles and services we offer.

Why wait any longer? Schedule an appointment today with our hearing care professionals and reclaim your life. Call Capital Otolaryngology at (512) 339-4040 in Austin or request an appointment online.

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