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Hearing Care

Capital Otolaryngology

Capital Otolaryngology in Austin and Lakeway, Texas has all of your hearing needs covered. From newborns that fail a hearing screening to geriatric patients needing hearing aids, we have all the services you require in one location.

Our exceptional hearing care team includes a fellowship-trained otologist, and two audiologists with nearly 40 years of experience between them. Our Docotors and audiologists work together to provide a comprehensive medical and audiological evaluation to determine the cause of your hearing loss.

Our providers will perform an advanced microscopic evaluation of the ear canal, eardrum, and middle ear cavity. Any wax that blocks the canal can be painlessly removed. Detailed imaging using our in-office CT scanner can provide high-resolution images of the middle ear cavity to evaluate for causes of hearing loss. In addition, our audiologists conduct a wide variety of diagnostic tests to evaluate hearing in infants, children, adults, and special needs populations.

Once our team diagnoses your condition, they will develop an individualized treatment plan for your specific type of hearing loss. This may include medical treatment, surgery, hearing aids, or an implantable hearing device.

At Capital Otolaryngology, our full-service adult and pediatric audiology services include comprehensive hearing exams, newborn hearing testing, tinnitus testing, advanced digital hearing aids, and much more.

Learn more about our hearing care services and specialties.

Ask about the physician-guided hearing services offered at Capital Otolaryngology in Austin or Lakeway, Texas today. Contact us at (512) 339-4040 in Austin or (512) 682-4798 in Lakeway, or use our appointment request form.

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