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State of the art relief for chronic sinus problems

Have you forgotten what it’s like to breathe clearly and easily because of chronic sinusitis or other ongoing nasal passage issues? Despite trying a host of medications and treatments do you still experience constant, painful sinus problems? Balloon sinuplasty, one of Capital Otolaryngology’s most advanced procedures, could be the welcome —and long-lasting— solution you’ve been seeking.


Do your symptoms include:

Sinus pressure, congestion or headaches
Difficulty breathing through nose
Facial pressure or pain — especially around cheeks
Sense of smell and/or taste dulled or lost
Sore throat from constant nasal discharge
Mouth breathing
Green or yellow nasal mucus

Capital Otolaryngology’s leading sinus surgeons helped design the technology for balloon sinuplasty and were some of the first in the world to implement this innovative procedure. It was FDA approved in 2005 and more than 380,000 people have safely experienced this procedure. Many of our patients who were unable to find relief from other treatments have finally achieved lasting results for their painful sinus problems.

Besides being exceptionally effective, this method is minimally invasive so it can be performed as an out-patient procedure in our state-of-the-art Central Texas offices. You’ll be able to return to work or school quickly because there is little downtime. Patients are so pleased with the results, 95% say they would absolutely do it again.


Ready to Make an Appointment?

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Balloon sinuplasty vs traditional sinus surgery — the choice is clear

The differences between the Capoto balloon sinuplasty procedure and traditional endoscopic sinus surgery are dramatic when you consider the issues of invasiveness, recovery time, and discomfort levels. In order to enlarge the sinus openings so blockages are cleared and normal sinus drainage can occur, traditional endoscopic surgery involves anesthesia, the removal of bone and tissue, and cauterization. Consequentially there is more pain, extensive post-surgical care, greater risk of infection, and lengthier recovery time.

On the other hand, our sinuplasty treatment is a safe, simple, in-office procedure. First, a tiny balloon catheter is inserted into your nose. The balloon is then slowly inflated in order to gently expand passageways and clear any mucus blockages. No incisions or removal of any tissue are utilized with this innovative technique.

Balloon sinuplasty surgery — One step at a time


Numb the area

An anesthesiologist will administer mild sedation. Once asleep, numbing medication will be injected to eliminate any post-operative pain.


Inflate the balloon

A tiny balloon is inserted into the clogged sinus passage and then gently inflated to adjust and expand the passage’s shape.


Clear the cavity

Any infection will be cleaned out with a saline rinse. Then the balloon is removed, leaving an open and clean sinus passage that allows you to breathe freely.

Real Balloon sinuplasty procedures


Balloon sinuplasty recovery — Easy come, easy go

Since Capital Otolaryngology’s sinuplasty treatment is non-invasive with no stitches and no nasal packing. After your procedure, you will experience minimal discomfort and should follow easy-to-do post-procedure guidance.

Your nose and throat area may feel numb for a few hours after your procedure before the local anesthesia wears off. Despite this sensation, you will still be able to breathe and swallow.

Try not blow your nose for the first 24-48 hours after the procedure.

If you need to sneeze, release it through your mouth.

Some light bleeding may occur the first day after your procedure.

Keep your nasal passages moist with saline sprays and saline rinses several times a day.

You are free to resume activities within 48 hours.

After one week, your sinuses will be 90% healed.

Balloon Sinuplasty — more affordable & more effective

After learning all of the advantages of our sinuplasty procedure, the very first question potential patients normally ask is “How much does a balloon sinuplasty cost?” Because it is minimally invasive and a clinic out-patient procedure, the cost is far less than traditional sinus surgery. On top of that, most insurance carriers and Medicare cover the costs associated with the procedure. Plus any out-of-pocket charges are much less expensive as well. We will be happy to contact your insurance company to review your options.

Remember when you’re mulling the cost of balloon sinuplasty, include other important factors that your sinus problems affect:

Think of the time you are not productive or are absent from work
How often do you miss family activities and events with your spouse and children
How much is the quality of your sleep negatively impacted

Patient Testimonials


Have more balloon sinuplasty questions? We’re ready to answer them.


Can balloon sinuplasty be used for children?


Is balloon sinuplasty a permanent solution?


Does balloon sinuplasty limit future treatment options?

These and many more questions you might have can be answered in a brief consultation with one of our sinus surgeons. By the way, the answers to the questions above (in order) are yes, yes, and no.

If you have been diagnosed with chronic sinusitis, have recurring acute rhinosinusitis, or have suffered from nasal conditions that have not responded to medications, now is the time to discover how balloon sinuplasty can improve your breathing —and your quality of life— for the rest of your life.

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